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Excel with SAP - An overview - ABAP.

The purpose of this blog is to give a short overview over various options to work with Excel Files in SAP and provide links with examples for the described options. There is no „best" way to work with Excel files - each option has its advantages and disadvantages and usage depends on several factors. Writing Excel Files with SAP. When Excel has "Protected View" enabled and EPM Add-in SP26/27 installed, opening any Excel file originating from an e-mail attachment and clicking on "Enable Editing" will make the sheet unresponsive. In this tutorial, we are going to learn about the last and complex of the three types of information views; the SAP HANA Calculation View. Please make sure you have gone through the tutorials of Attribute View and Analytic View as they are important for your understanding of Calculation View. SAP-MS Office Connectivity extends data from SAP to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word using a SOA based Information Delivery Server and Microsoft Office Add-ins, and provides the following benefits. Eliminates cut-and-paste based data collecting mechanism from SAP to Microsoft Excel.

The Excel on HANA reporting, as you must have understood is fairly simple to create and consume and most of you who understand excel may also know Pivot charts and Pivot tables which are used in excel of deeper data analysis. These charts and tables we just created were also Pivot tables and charts but with SAP HANA as a data source. Hi Our users are using citirx to log into excel and they are complaining that for certain reprots, they click on the excel option and they get a black screen. They do not want to download the reports into excel, view it in SAP itself. Any body have any idea why this is happening and how to fix this issue. We are using ECC6.0 ehp 3. Regards, Thomas. 10/05/2016 · This data is exported to CSV and loaded to Excel to be manipulated there. GUI scripting allows external applications like MS Excel to connect to an existing GUI session and execute operations within the GUI. Excel does not hold and authorization and access information as it relies on you logging into SAP. The SAP GUI has a macro recording tool much like Excel does. It records macros in VBScript which is nearly identical to Excel VBA and can usually be copied and pasted into an Excel macro directly. Example Code. Here is a simple example based on a SAP system I have access to.

In this Blog-post I’d like to give a few insights on how we process XLSX file by using latest ABAP, which might be quite different than in most other implementations, for example:ABAP and OLE or Excel with SAP – An Overview. SAP Excel in Place comes to our Rescue. Step 1. Click on Excel In Place Icon Enter the File Name. Step 2. Create the formula or Macro for the derived column. In our case l2-M2 and Drag it down. Save the file and Close it. Step 3. Go to Change layout. Go to view Tab. Select the view as Microsoft Excel. Click on Upload Document from BDS. Excel Inplace 339830 Excel inplace in ALV only delivers an empty sheet 696069 No data when view Excel Inplace on ALV with Office 2003/XP 1686797 ALV-Excel: signed SAP standard templates 1828306 ALV status: Integrated Excel Excel in Place 2280232 ALV export: Option for system-wide setting of standard SAP template for 'Excel in Place' views.

Hello, Does anyone know how to start either Excel or Word or PDF viewer directly from SAP WebGUI? It seems non of the FM works. SAP tells me that it cannot be done, but I find it hard to believe. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Tianshu. The article demonstrates data handling in excel in-place display using BDS with the help of a program. The demo program maintains the entries in a database table through an excel in-place display. Author. Enter Z_ITEMS_XXX as the SQL view name. Enter the CDS view sepm_sddl_so_invoice_item as the data source for your view. You can get proposals for the data source by entering a few characters, then using code completion keyboard shortcut CTRLSPACE. The SQL view name is the internal/technical name of the view which will be created in the database. The following steps allow you to upload an Excel template to SAP and migrate using a CTS. Only a couple of simple statements need to be added to your program to provide options for the user of the program to download or open the most recent Excel template. Upload an Excel template to SAP Run transaction SMW0.

Data Extractor allows you to extract table or view data from SAP in an Excel File. The graphical filtering interface gets the most relevant data quickly, easily, and in a repeatable fashion, and includes the ability to filter the extract with existing Excel data.

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